What is a Cyma Associate and why do we use associates?

Here at Cyma we know our limitations. We cannot do it all on our own and we are not the experts of everything architectural. We do, however, have a wide network of IS professionals who work with us, bringing with them the energy and expertise needed to meet the diverse architecture needs of modern businesses. These professionals work with Cyma as associates.

We have chosen this employment model for several reasons:

  • Keeping with our “just enough” and pragmatic approach, we want Cyma to be lean and focused on its vision and we do this by keeping our administrative burden as small as possible and spending as much time as possible working for our clients.
  • We intended to encourage the very best people to work with us, which means that we must provide the environment and conditions that attract them to Cyma. The flexibility offered by working as an associate rather than an employee is one of the ways we can achieve this goal.
  • We are ardent believers in the power of collaborative work, pooling the right resources and skills together to get a job done. It is far better to bring in the right people for the task rather than picking the next available employee of the bench.
  • We want to foster a non-hierarchical, creative environment

Associates are different from contractors in the following ways:

  • Associates are representatives of Cyma just as any permanent employee would be
  • Associates are part of Cyma’s success and therefore share in part of Cyma’s profit
  • Associates are not bound by restraining clauses, unless dictated by the nature of the work or the client
  • Associates are welcome to use the Cyma offices and collaboration spaces for their own projects

Do you want to join our team of associates?

If you have got this far and liked what you read, and you think you have the skills and work ethic required for Cyma, then give us a call. We’ll take you for a coffee, let you know more about Cyma and let you tell us why you’d like to join us. We will employ you on a short trial basis as a contractor first, just to be sure we all work well together, and set a date for reviewing joining Cyma as an associate.