We recognise that many organisations have greater capacity needs for architects than they have headcount for, so we offer a service for addressing your project based architecture needs. Unlike many recruitment agencies (even IT based ones), we have an intrinsic understanding of what makes a good solution architect and ensure that the architect is the right fit for the culture and environment of the organisation we are working with. As an organisation utilising this service, these are the benefits you’ll receive from working with Cyma:

  • Extensive knowledge of all the flavours of architecture meaning we can make sure we find the right resource without false starts
  • Long term relationships with architects via our associate model. If an architect completes their engagement with you, chances are they will still be engaged with us elsewhere meaning we continue to have access to any knowledge they’ve gained working in your organisation
  • Lower risk for your organisation as Cyma maintains the responsibility for the architects performance. If there is any kind of issue with an architect, Cyma will ensure it is resolved.