Cyma has completed architecture consultancy work for many clients, below are case studies that describe some of these.

Holmes Consulting Group, New Zealand’s premium structural engineering consultancy, found that their information systems were unable to keep up with very rapid business growth. They knew they needed to invest in their systems, but they weren’t sure which ones were the most important. Cyma introduced Holmes Consulting Group to a framework for developing system roadmaps that could be use to support investment decision making. This framework, combined with Cyma’s pool of diverse systems architecture experience, convinced Holmes Consulting Group that Cyma had the tools and skills that they needed to identify the best way to enhance their information systems. The framework applies techniques such as business capability modelling and current state assessments within a roadmapping framework, ensuring that the roadmap is clearly connected to the business strategy and that the benefits of investment are both clear and measurable. Holmes Consulting Group are now able to create compelling business cases for information systems investment with confidence and have a multi-year programme of work planned they are confident will help them build on their position as New Zealand’s premium structural engineering consultancy.