As a business owner you will have a strategy for your business to succeed. Success relies on more than just a good strategy though, it also relies on how the strategy is implemented.

Cyma helps businesses turn their business strategies into systems that will allow those strategies to be successful.

How do we do this?

Cyma uses business architecture techniques and methods to turn your strategies into reality. These include:

  • Business capability modelling. This is where we translate your strategy into business capabilities – what it is you need to have in place to execute your business strategy
  • Functional reviews. This is where we review how your business is currently organised and how well the systems (people as well as technology) support the business capabilities you need to have in place to be successful

The techniques & methods we use allow us to work with you to develop a target architecture for your strategy to be realised. We can then turn this into an actionable roadmap that takes into account both where you are today as well as where you want to be so you can go about implementing the changes necessary to realise your vision.

Contact us today to organise a free consultation where we can take your through our approach in more detail.